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We offer high quality services to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. With years of experience, our team of tailoring and design experts is at your disposal to create tailor-made suits, dresses and customized garments. In addition, we offer repair and fitting services to keep your closet in perfect condition. Let us bring your ideas to life and make you look and feel impeccable!

About us

In our tailor shop we specialize in creating tailor-made garments and offering high quality clothing. With years of experience, we ensure total satisfaction.

Elegance made to measure.

With years of experience in the industry, we at VP Tailoring are experts in creating custom garments and providing fashion solutions for each client. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services, from custom suits and shirts to garment alterations and the sale of high quality garments. Our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience and to make sure you feel confident and stylish in your clothing.

We design clothes to make you shine.

At our tailor shop we take quality workmanship and attention to detail seriously. With years of experience, we create unique and personalized garments that reflect your style and personality. From the choice of materials to the last stitch, every piece is carefully crafted.

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Our products

Our selection of high quality clothing and find the perfect garment for any occasion.

Suit with trousers for ladies

Men's two-piece suit

Circular pleated skirt.



Eastern Avenue #87A, Grand Cayman.



Business hours:

Monday to Saturday 8:30 am - 7 pm